Discover the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) at Urban Boxing, where instructors Ronald Clary and Mike Easton lead a comprehensive training program suitable for all skill levels. This class emphasizes the foundational and advanced techniques of BJJ, including grappling, holds, takedowns, rolling, and submissions, providing a thorough introduction to this popular martial art.

What You’ll Learn

  • Grappling Techniques: Master the basics of BJJ grappling, learning how to control opponents effectively on the ground.
  • Submissions and Holds: Explore various submission techniques and holds that can neutralize opponents regardless of their size.
  • Takedowns and Rolling: Gain proficiency in taking opponents to the ground and transitioning between positions during rolling sessions.

Class Structure

  • Warm-Up (5-10 mins): Start with stretches and light conditioning to prepare your body for the physical demands of BJJ.
  • Partner Drills: Pair up to practice offensive and defensive maneuvers, with partners rotating to expose you to different grappling styles and strategies.
  • Technique Application and HIIT: Incorporate high-intensity interval training to build endurance, supplemented by focused practice on specific BJJ techniques.
  • Cool Down (10 mins): End the class with light sparring to integrate the skills learned, followed by core exercises and stretching to promote recovery and flexibility.

Instructors and Equipment

  • Instructors: Ronald Clary and Mike Easton bring a wealth of experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, ensuring that every participant, from beginner to advanced, receives personalized and effective training.
  • Equipment: A rash guard is provided for all participants to wear during training to protect against friction and improve comfort. Personal protective gear is also welcome.


  • Martial Arts Growth: Extend your martial arts capabilities beyond boxing with the strategic and physically demanding discipline of BJJ.
  • Physical Conditioning: Enhance your strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health through a blend of technical drills and physical conditioning.
  • Mental Acumen: Develop mental toughness and problem-solving skills as you learn to anticipate and react to opponents’ moves.

Why Choose Urban Boxing?

Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class is perfect for those looking to dive into a martial art that emphasizes technique over strength, providing a unique challenge that can be adapted to any fitness level. Join us at Urban Boxing to explore BJJ and enrich your combat sports experience, improve your fitness, and engage with a passionate community of martial artists.